Aurora Bergeron
Director of Operations

Aurora was born in Folsom, California. Her mother, father, and younger brother moved to Mankato, Minnesota in 2011 where Aurora participated in multiple clubs, sports, and held a part time job for all 4 years. Aurora earned her BAS in Geography with an Environmental Science concentration and minor in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in 2022 where she resigned for 7 years before making the decision to move to Chicago. 

This academic foundation enhances her ability to navigate complex environmental challenges and integrate sustainable practices into everyday operations, reflecting her commitment to both professional excellence and environmental stewardship. Now, with over a decade of dedicated experience in customer service, retail, and management, Aurora brings a wealth of expertise in ensuring exceptional client satisfaction and operational efficiency. Her journey began honing her skills in customer interactions, swiftly progressing into leadership roles where she optimized team performance and streamlined processes to exceed organizational goals. 

Her positive outlook on life helps her in personal and professional settings where she always gives 100% of her time and energy in ensuring her work is done accurately and in a timely manner. In her freetime. Aurora enjoys live music, trying new foods, and playing Guitar Hero.

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