I am super excited to announce that I am among the first brokers in Illinois to offer Keller Mortgage!    Keller Mortgage is a low-cost mortgage solution for buyers that use Keller Williams (KW) agents to purchase a home.   

In order to access Keller Mortgage you will need to download the KW Realty app on your phone and click on the Keller Mortgage link.   This is only available through the app at this time.

Download my branded app at  http://app.kw.com/KW2TWF2DN 

I get no kickback from this and I have nothing to do with the mortgage servicing.    This is just a way for us to offer some major value to buyers when they use me as an agent.  This is not available to buyers that use brokers with other real estate companies.   It is not available for refinances.   

If you know anyone else looking to buy or sell a home in Chicagoland, our team would love to help you find a great home and save you thousands on your mortgage!  

Call me at 773-732-9898 or email at  [email protected] 

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